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Castilla-La Mancha, Alicante, Murcia & Valencia.

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  • Olive Grove will give you all the healthy tips you need on real estate purchasing and selling. This will help speed up the operations involved. We can also help regarding contracts and can create drafts to help save money with Lawyers fee’s.
  • We can help international buyers arrange T.I.E, Padrons, N.I.E, Bank accounts and utilities.
  • Your sales will be professionally and carefully handled. For example, when you need to get in touch with ready buyers and sellers of property, we will be right there to connect you no matter what language you speak.
  • You get fair deals throughout the sale and buying process.
  • We can advise you accordingly before you enter into an agreement with other involved parties.
  • We will always be there at your every beck and call regarding matters related to your buying or selling journey.
  • We will be there to offer you ready solutions and options.
  • We can organise energy certificates and check over property paperwork to give you warnings of any possible discrepancies between Catastrals and Escrituras.
  • Our Agents are multilingual and market our properties not only in the UK but through our extensive worldwide networks. Olive Grove are advertising through  100+  real estate portals in more than 60 countries , reaching a monthly audience of more than 150 million potential buyers and your property advert is translated into 25 different languages.

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